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Toxo-Talk: Studies on toxoplasmosis are inconclusive — 7 Comments

  1. The most important vector for T Gondii is the ground, soil, irrespective of if cats frequent that area. You can look it up. Gardening is the more realistic source of toxoplasmosis infections as well as improperly washed salad vegetables. Infections from cats is limited to only a short period after initial infection.

  2. They actually have done, and do, something about it. Any farm, ranch, or mom & pop roadside produce-stand can be fined and shut-down for up to 4.5 YEARS (how long T. gondii oocysts remain infectious in the environment after being shed by just 1 cat). If any of their produce meant for human consumption has proved to be infected (animals for meats, eggs, unprocessed dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurts, etc); and any vegetables that have been found dusted with T. gondii oocysts from the top-soils); they can lose their license to do business and be shut-down. Many have sadly lost their homes over this fun consequence from their public-health-hazard behaviors. Oh, and all their cats are destroyed too, by law.

    But that’s okay. Keep making up your lies and excuses and not-even-half truths. It’s just quicker to kill your cats for you than argue with and try to educate you. Only about 500,000 more cats will be shot and poisoned to death just today alone because of you and every other person just like you. Makes you all warm and proud about what you are believing and doing, doesn’t it.

    • What they’ve done is very minor compared to what you want done and you fail to address the point of the article: that the studies are inconclusive. So all your rants are misrepresentations of the truth which is what I have been saving for years. You criticise me for being unscientific and when I produce science you ignore it. Pathetic.

      • They don’t do this for the inconclusive studies that you like to cite, they do this for the concluded studies. You know, all those fun ones, like toxo caused blindness, prenatal birth defects and miscarriages and stillbirths, or new ones like prostate cancers, IED, etc. All those concluded studies that you don’t want to address (or misrepresent on ad-infinauseum). Most illnesses caused by T. gondii have been known about for nearly a century now. Why is it that you only want to address those still under new study? Evasion, deflection, and misdirection, that’s why. There is no ambiguity about the low numbers of how many lives are killed or maimed by cats carrying T. gondii parasites. There is only ambiguity about the highest number and what other deaths and illnesses are directly caused by this cats’ parasite. Why do you misrepresent the facts? Just to troll for attention of anyone that is compelled to correct your incessant falsehoods and psychotically biased quarter-truth deflections?

        How is a pregnant woman losing her child to T. gondii any different than a woman losing her child to the Zika virus? The former happens far more often, but they wipe-out any swarms of mosquitoes that are carrying the Zika virus. They are now doing this to cats that infect our foods. Why do you think the numbers of T. gondii infections are declining? From destroying your cats near food-sources and stopping anyone providing human foods that are infecting those foods with their cats’ parasites.

        • Poor you. It is not a question of ‘inconclusive studies’ but “the studies are inconclusive”. You amaze me that you can’t tell the difference.

      • It would appear the troll is suffering from it’s own brain infection. Sorry Micheal. Hoarding is a mental disorder. Cats are not destroyed for having toxoplasmosis they are treated with antibiotics and become immune. Cats have been an important part of farm life for centuries curtailing vermin infestations. If food is contaminated there are far more serious things to worry about. I would say e coli has killed more people who eat romaine lettuce than any imagined toxoplasmosis contamination in any food. We are all exposed daily to germs, virus and parasites most of which our bodies fight off with no ill effects and we are totally unaware of. This is simply another case for cat haters to latch onto to justify their hate.

        • Thanks ME. The purpose of the article was to shut up trolls who say studies have found a clear link between T gondii and mental health issues in people. I think I have proved that the studies are inconclusive. They can’t rely on studies to support their case for killing cats.

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