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  1. I wish that humans would stop messing with cat genes to produce a commodified and deformed breed that suits their vanity.

    Please just stop. We don’t need anymore breeds, we need to concentrate on homing the millions of homeless cats, spaying and neutering them, caring responsibly for feral cat communities.

    Please humans, just stop it.

    • Did you read the article? The breed is derived from natural mutations and is under the guidance of the top feline geneticist in the world. It’s far from deformed. Don’t blame the breeds or the breeders…blame the irresponsible “humans” that don’t desex their regular Domestic Shorthairs.

  2. A little disappointed that this wasn’t about very tiny bobcats that were discovered.
    The bobcat is my very favorite cat.
    Ofcourse, these are adorable cats. But, my distain for breeding rules.

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