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  1. Here’s another pic of Dinah. She’s almost 4 1/2 pounds. A little bigger (not taller, but longer) than Annie. Hope these pics give a better idea of how little they are. I used to have Bengals and my sister has a Siberian. Compared to those two breeds, I find my Toybobs tiny. I know they there’s suppose to be cats in the 2 pound range. But I haven’t seen one yet.

  2. Wow how Cute, Its great to see a different type breed that you dont usually see around. Love those colour of the eyes. I love the look of Annie too thats amazing.

    • They are very cute, aren’t they? And of course they have a very short fluffy pom-pom like tail which makes them even cuter. In addition, people do like small companion animals. There’s a big market for small companion animals. There are less imposing and they fit into the household scene better. They are less conspicuous. I understand all these reasons but all of them are about people and what they want and desire. We should also remember the feelings and desires of the cat.

    • I agree she looks small because of the comparison in size the bed side table and lamp but a hard comparison would help. I can guess that they are what I would call “small cats” basically. Perhaps the phrase “miniature” is a bit misleading because it implies very very small but they are not tiny like teacup cats are meant to be.

      • Here’s a pic of Annie with my hand. Hope that comparison helps. I thought any cat under seven pounds would be considered miniature? Annie is just under 4 lbs. But the I guess “small” is a better word. Because the standard is for a small breed of cat and not miniature. The video you added is from a breeder who I think is in Denmark. I know she’s been doing outcrosses to widen her Toybob gene pool. Dunno if the cat in the video is 100% Toybob or not.

        • Annie is miniature. There is no firm guide as to what is miniature as I understand it. Sarah Hartwell states, as far as I remember, that around 4 lbs and below is miniature.

          There are unscrupulous people who sell sub-adult cats as miniature adult cats.

          Great photo for scaling. It gives me a better idea of size. Thanks Giselle.

          • I love the lightened effect! One can see better how big Annie’s eyes are. Yes, you are right! There are a lot of unscrupulous breeders out there that lie and scam people. I really did my research on the breed. Luckily for me the breeder I got my girls from was honest and reputable. Also known in the show ring (for her European Burmese). After lots of questions and pics. I felt comfortable purchasing my kitten from her.
            I recently read a story of a couple who bought a “teacup” piglet. Instead what they had been sold was a runt of an average pig litter and the piglet still grew up to be 300 pounds. Horrible.

  3. Great article! I really would love to see the breed get more recognition. They’re truly special little cats and everyone should know about them lol. (Added another pic of Annie)

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