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Tragedy in Lexington County, SC: 72-year-old feral colony caregiver killed during dispute over cats — 9 Comments

  1. I looked for a update but couldn’t find anything. I hope someone went to her house and saved the other cats she had, I couldn’t find anything about that either. One of your posters said she had about 100 cats in cages.

  2. He bonded out 12/30/21. His mother posted his bail. $5000 was set so he got out and has been out for $500 and she lost her life.

  3. Judy came out to our yard the week before to Trap/Neuter/Spay 13 feral cats that live in this area. We talked for hours as she trapped the cats, and I got to know her. I told her I have been feeding them regular dry cat food so they would have good food, and not become a nuisance to others by digging in trash. (people can be cruel if the cats become a nuisance). I mentioned I didn’t want them digging chicken bones out of trash bins because that was liable to harm them (choking). She agreed & said she feeds kibble to the stray colonies on her route around Lexington for that very reason (it is her job), and she said there was one person behind the Shopping Plaza who kept feeding the cat colony there a lot of poor quality garbage with bones in it, and she had asked him to stop & he still kept doing it. Then a little over a week later I hear he shot her dead. It was a shock, because she was not the type of woman who seemed like she would start a fight with anybody. She was a tiny old lady…very short & skinny & frail. When I read that the ‘witness’ reported they were fighting…well, I found it very hard to believe. Maybe arguing…but not fighting. Unfortunately the ‘witness’ was rumored to be the friend of the guy who shot her?? Long story short…she was unarmed & even if she was arguing…that is no reason to use lethal force. I hope they lock the hateful killer up for good.

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