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Train Stopped For Cat On Tracks

Netherlands (Mid May, 2015): A train travelling from Utrecht to The Hague made an emergency stop for a cat on the tracks. The passengers had no idea what was going on until the conductor returned from collecting a kitten from the tracks. She was poorly. It is thought she had been hit by another train earlier which had injured her left foreleg badly enough for it to be amputated. Her tail was also injured.

The cat who has been named Juna by ambulance staff was taken to a local animal hospital: Dierenkliniek van Alkemadelaan where she was well treated.

Photo believed to be by Dierenkliniek van Alkemadelaan animal hospital.

A translation by Google Translate from the Dutch on the hospital’s Facebook page says:

“Like all cats, she has a remarkable ability to adjust. Whether you have one or two front legs, that should not spoil the fun. It is also easy to see that she has been hit by something. The nose bridge is not as it normally looks. She also has a proper concussion.

Juna may not be placed in the next two weeks. This is to give the possible owner the opportunity to find his / her pet. So until that time, we will try to keep you informed.”

Because Juna was in the news she got lots of offers to adopt her. One commenter griped about it (this is a Google translation):

“I read so many comments from people who want to take this pussy, but why only when an animal comes in the newspaper. The shelters are full of sweet cats who also like to get a home. So people just go and look at an asylum in your neighborhood …”

Photo: New owners?

This is the first time I have encountered a story of a passenger train stopping for a cat on the tracks. All credit to both the driver and conductor. Fabulous work. And of course the hospital for their sterling work which was probably delivered free of charge. I am sure Juna was rehomed quickly.

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