Transformational care reveals beauty beneath bedraggled stray cat

This story of before and after cat rescue comes from Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, UK. The skinny, urine-stained, bedraggled stray cats looks different now.

Lottie, a stray cat, was brought to the RSPCA center at Hillfield Lane, Stretton in a bad way. Her fur was falling out, she was underweight, urine stained and bedraggled.

Underneath that stray cat appearance was a beauty waiting to be discovered through transformational care by the RSPCA staff.

The pictures tell the story.

“Gone is the skinny tail and in its place is a beautiful thick coat of fur. She has gained weight brilliantly and quite literally looks like a different cat.” – RSPCA

Lottie as found as a stray and after TLC from RSPCA. Pictures: RSPCA Derbyshire.
Lottie as found as a stray and after TLC from RSPCA. Pictures: RSPCA Derbyshire.
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Derbyshire Live tell us that this is the second time that Lottie has been at the shelter. She was previously adopted from the shelter but handed back because she ‘pulled the carpet’. Wow. They let the wrong person adopt her. In fact the owner loved her but her landlord objected to the carpet being damaged.

If she was returned as you see in the photo how did she become a stray when she was adopted from the RSPCA? This is not explained in the article. It would have been nice to have been provided with the full story as someone let Lottie become a stray cat.

She is a friendly and outgoing cat by all accounts and will make a perfect cat companion in the right home. The RSPCA got the wrong home before. Perhaps it was not their fault it was still the wrong home.

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