Transporting animals out of path of Hurricane Irma to network partners in Northern Virginia

This is a nice Facebook video showing Best Friends Animal Society in the process of transporting rescue animals out of the way of Hurricane Irma to network partners in northern Virginia. Interestingly for me, you only see dogs in the video. Where are the cats? Although one of the interviewees does say that there are twenty-four cats amongst the group of rescue animals. Looking at the path of Irma, it appears to have veered west, going along the West Coast of Florida. I’m not sure that the animals need to be transported away from Atlanta where I believe that this video was made. Anyway, it’s an interesting video for me because it’s was made very recently and gives a nice feel for how people involved with animal rescue are working and thinking.

There is sound. You will need to click the mute button off at the bottom of the video where there are the video controls (hover your mouse over this area to see the controls). The sound is interesting because the rescue workers are being interviewed.

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