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Trap-neuter-return volunteers insist that only they can feed the cats — 5 Comments

  1. Years ago, the same issues that Albert states o clearly were happening at a riverside colony of 16 cats I helped with, just on the evening feed rota.

    We had a meeting about it and the winning idea was to erect a post/board at the location, put a big laminated friendly poster up, telling a little about the colony,contact details, TNR individual cats by name (no pictures) – asking people to please make donation of cat food in the galvanised, locked metal container, a bit like commercial parcel drop boxes, so hands can ‘t get inside to steal.

    The TNR feeding location land was privately owned by a cat loving family, they were very helpful. The public feeders gained legal access via a Public Footpath.

    It worked for just over one week, the extra feeding stopped and we got a few donations. Thought we had cracked it. One morning the donation bin had been blown up using a can of spray varnish as both explosive force & accelerant. Good that no cats were hurt, the one bag of donated dry food was blown everywhere, ruined by the taint of burning varnish and water used to put out the fire.

    We never managed to stop it happening and it did cause some difficulties.

  2. Yes, all of that is true. I live near such a colony being managed by TNR and the end result of unauthorized feeding is detrimental to the colony. It can’t be managed when outsiders interfere. Bad things happen, like cats subsequently not feeding where and when they need to be fed. They need the routine. Then when the program fails, the local counsel authority may drop permission to manage the colony and choose to eradicate the cats altogether. The very concept of TNR is then abandoned in that area and possibly others nearby. If you care about the cats then ask if you may adopt one who is adoptable, and/or donate toward that colony.

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