TrapKing: I intend to be whatever the rescue community needs in order to engage more people

Posted by Sterling Davis (AKA TrapKing) October 11, 2018

Foreword from Elisa: I’m proud to call TrapKing my friend. He’s taken the TNR world by storm and currently has more than 22,000 followers on Instagram. When I read this recent post on his Facebook page, I knew I had to turn it into a Reader’s Forum article on PoC because Sterling Davis, AKA TrapKing, is knocking down cat rescue stereotypes. He was recently criticized for mentioning gay pride.

TrapKing Sterling Davis (Instagram)

I had a woman come on a post who was upset about TrapKing promoting Pride. She said TNR had nothing to do with someone’s sexual preference and it shouldn’t be posted.

There have been a lot of people doing what I’m doing before me, there will be many after me. Unfortunately, cat rescue seems to still be exclusive to single/older white women. Now either white women are the only decent compassionate people in this world today or a lot of people are still totally unaware, thinking it’s not cool, or just don’t think there is a place for them in rescue.

I know dudes that didn’t know they could play golf until they saw Tiger Woods do it and excel at it…….I say that to say this….I intend to be whatever the rescue community needs in order to engage more people so that we don’t continue to burn out the women that paved the way for me.

TrapKing courtesy Facebook/Instagram

Look at my peeps Kitten Lady and Jackson Galaxy…………….rescue is reaching out to all people, and all places. Hate it or love it the movement is real……I’m not going to fold and I’m not going to stop breaking these stereotypes or being the change that I wish to see.

Troll, hate, do whatever, but the mission GROWS on! S/O to all the TrapQueens and TrapKings that lifted me and Tiffanie Leigh up during some tough Times…..Thank you! I love y’all!!!!!!

And to the woman mad about Pride, yes I love women, yes I’ll be at Pride talking cats and TNR, yes I’ll have my nails painted and a rainbow shirt on, and yes this has a lot to do with my mission…..don’t mess around and get yourself “force loved” out here……I got cat experts that will DO IT!

Sterling Davis AKA TrapKing

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TrapKing: I intend to be whatever the rescue community needs in order to engage more people — 3 Comments

  1. Cor, Sterling is pure gold, more power to his TNR & advocacy!

    Extra big props for sharing the info and need for this work amongst LGBT community.

    Knocking down stereotypes is a very important part of rescue work.

    Keep on keeping on Sterling, cats, rescuers need you!

  2. TrapKing you are one solid citizen and a cool person. I admire your strong convictions, confidence, and originality. You have a good heart. Cat rescuers are the best.😻💜💜🐾

  3. Fantastic. I admire hugely you for knocking down cat rescuer stereotypes as Elisa said. Many thanks for posting your article on my website.

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