Trash bag cats are ready for adoption

Happy ending in Hawthorne, USA: This sweet pair of cats were found in a tied up trash bad in Lynwood at the end of last month. Can you imagine the kind of mentality that a person has who could do that? It beggars belief. Vile behaviour.

Dakota and Noodles trash bag cat saved and ready for adoption
Photos: courtesy of spcaLA
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Look at their eager faces. Cleaned up and ready for adoption. They are available at a spcaLA shelter in Hawthorne which I think is in California, USA. You can look it up on the internet. spcaLA have a good internet presence too.

The cats were discovered by a woman who was putting out her trash. She noticed movement from a bag near garbage cans. She untied the bag and there they were.

The cats were taken to the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center by Lynwood Animal Care staff. They are called Dakota and Noodles.

They received the usual health exam, vaccinations and flea treatment and are in good health.

They are genuine domestic cats, fully socialised. They were probably someone’s pets. Madness. They are well behaved despite their experience. No aggression and sweet natured.

No one has come forward to claim them which is why they are available for adoption.


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