Traumatised cats painted blue in Scotland

There are reports that a nasty thug or thugs (my guess a young man or men) in Inverness, Scotland are brutalising outdoor cats and while doing so are painting them blue. The case of Yoda is not isolated.

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Yoda covered in blue paint and traumatised

Yoda recently came home trembling and traumatised after heartless thugs pinned him down and painted him blue. His owner, Luisadh Baldie said that her 13-year-old son was distressed when he saw Yoda coming towards him limping and traumatised.

“My son saw the cat coming home and was quite distressed. Yoda is trembling and traumatised, normally he is the most affectionate of cats but today he just won’t come near us.

He has got marks around the back of his head and to me it looks like that is where someone or something held him down. The fur has been worn away around his paws as if someone was holding him, or he was struggling to get away.

The vet said they will be able to remove the paint, but due to the costs we need to wait until Monday. In the meantime I have been trying to take off the worst of the paint. It is not proving a very easy job.

He is absolutely covered in paint. I have been trying to clean him, and put a cone on him to stop him trying to remove the paint by licking himself.”

Ms Baldie

She has reported the matter to the police and the RSPCA and she can’t believe that this is happened. She is very angry and concerned that the thugs are still out there ready and waiting to do it again.

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