Treachery Surrounds Online Cat Celebrity Pirate

Sir Stuffington celebrity cat
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Sir Stuffington

Sir Stuffington is a one eyed snowshoe-like rescue cat with a broken and fixed jaw and a passing resemblance to Grumpy Cat, who was transformed into an online cat celebrity by dressing him up as a pirate. He gathered 55k Facebook likes. This video summarises the story. The cover picture is not the cat concerned.

Then the owner alleged that someone stole him from her apartment by prising open a screen to a window and grabbing him during the night. A $1,000 was offered for his return.

Sir Stuffington’s owner is Aisley Deymonaz. They live in Portland Oregon. Aisley called the police but then found Sir Stuffington.

She was walking the streets calling his name (as cat owners of lost cats do). Sir Stuffington responded and ran towards her from behind plant in someone’s garden, I suppose.

Apparently Deymonaz and another: Blazer Shaffer were caring for the cat jointly until they parted company.

I think we get the hint. Perhaps someone (I won’t name names) felt there was some money to be made in marketing Sir Stuffington and wanted a share of the action.

There is money to be made from cat celebrity and Sir S fits the bill quite nicely.

I think this is the first time we have had people fighting over a cat celebrity if that is what you could call it.

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    Another cat exploited 🙁

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