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Treasured Forever: Every Cat Deserves A Name

Every cat in the world deserves a name, even if they are not anticipated to make it through the night. Even the ones who are only with us a day or week teach us a lesson, even if that lesson is that we need moments of sadness to motivate us to fight for the homeless cats.

This morning I found a note,
Come in and report to the office,
So I went in and cast my final vote,
And said a prayer for another loss.

I always feel down in the snow,
For felines like you,
Cats who were dumped years ago,
With nowhere to turn to.

I see the untold beauty in your heart,
Behind runny nose and infected eye,
I whispered that I loved you from the start,
That I knew I did my best and started to cry.

Yet, frozen by regret
Paralyzed by emotional pain,
The needle was handled by the vet,
Who injected the blue fluid into your vein.

I saw your eyes slowly drift away
Your body beam up to a better place,
Where everything would forever be okay,
A place where getting adopted was not a race.

Today I have run out of duct tape
To fix my broken heart,
I told myself this was not your fate,
And demanded a complete restart.

It seems my pool of hope has run dry,
My patience has worn thin,
And my plan to never cry
has been foiled again.

But I shall not leave you like this
Or let the heavens lay their claim
Without one final kiss
And a well-deserved name.

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  • Yes, I agree. Reminds me of "Lady", who was dying, that I rescued off the street. She only lasted a few weeks. She actually was put to death by a vet who manhandled her and got a tiny bite puncture in her finger because of it...

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