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  2. my cat has been gone for 3 days in the winter and her right eye is shut and she cant meow and she looks very bad a I gave her food and water she drink a lot of water and eat a little food

    • You don’t say but it seems she is an oldish cat. Am I right? The signs are of kidney disease or diabetes which are associated with age. The eye shut indicates an infection. If she can’t meow does that indicate mouth disease? I am sorry Leta but I have to ask if you are taking care of her properly although you have commented. Why she has left your home for 3 days is a mystery unless she has some other place to go to but if that is the case that person also seems to be ignoring the health signs.

  3. Ihave a stray cat in my yard that I think has frostbite in his eyes. He looks just like the picture of the cat in the article I just read. Because he is almost ferrel and I only say almost because I can get real close to him, but I don’t want to take a chance of touching him. I have had him neutered and he has had his shots done by the animal shelter but they don’t give a checkup. So I don’ know what to do . He seems blind. Any advice. P. Conte

    • Hi Pam, I don’t think he has frostbite in the eyes. He probably has cataracts or some other eye disease. I have a page on eye diseases:


      What to do? He needs help. That means someone has to help if possible. He should be in a home as a full-time indoor cat fully domesticated.

      He situation in life is precarious because almost no one would want to domestic him and care for him I suspect.

      He could be domesticated in time, a lot of patience.


      A shelter would just euthanize him as I am sure you know (I presume you are in the USA).

      Difficult to suggest anything. An alternative is to provide an outdoor shelter for him and feed him.

      • He may have been a drop off, you need to trap him in a haveaheart trap and get him to a vet and then make him an INDOOR CAT! Start by putting him in a big dog wire crate with food,water and litter box and cover 3 sides with a sheet.After a few weeks open the door, he may come out he may not for a while.
        I have a few Ferals in my house and they do fine.

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