Trend for dinosaur cat haircuts is cruel because fur is there for a reason

According to the website an ‘awkward trend’ has developed; dinosaur haircuts on domestic cats. It appears to have gained some traction on Instagram and they ask for the opinion of visitors. Nearly all dislike them for obvious reasons.

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Honestly, there can only be one opinion which is that it is an abuse of the domestic cat for the amusement of some owners. A domestic cat has fur for a reason. Nature gave the domestic cat a coat and it should not be interfered with by humans for their entertainment.

How Do The Cats Feel?

We don’t know how domestic cats respond emotionally when they have their fur cut like this. The people who do it seem to be making a presumption that their cat accept it unthinkingly. They seem to think that it doesn’t make any difference to the cats. However, they don’t know. They are guessing.

The more likely outcome is that the cats feel uncomfortable, distressed, confused and uncertain. They may also feel the cold more. It will affect their grooming habits. And I would expect a cat who has suffered this to feel some degree of emotional distress. It will depend upon the cat and the overall circumstances.

The Process is Distressing

More importantly, the actual process of cutting a cat’s fur in this manner is distressing to a cat. In fact it could not be done unless the cat is sedated. It wouldn’t surprise me if some owners had their cat anaesthetised in order to ensure that the process was managed accurately. If that is the case then they are putting their cat through quite a heavy risk because anaesthetics can harm cats. It can leave them brain-damaged and can even kill them on occasions.

The bottom line is that this is simply unacceptable to anyone who has a modicum of sensitivity towards domestic cat welfare. Cat lovers would never do this. This is the kind of thing ‘cat owners’ do. It is not the kind of thing that cat guardians do.

Extreme Thought: A Crime?

It has not been tested but there is the question as to whether this is a form of animal abuse and therefore a crime under animal welfare laws. You may think that this is an extreme viewpoint. I am simply raising a flag to the possibility. If cats feel emotionally distressed because of it then it is animal abuse and a potential crime. That’s not to say anyone would do anything about it because they won’t.

What’s your take on this?

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2 thoughts on “Trend for dinosaur cat haircuts is cruel because fur is there for a reason”

  1. I know several groomers who do fun things to cats that need to be shaved. Sometimes and certain breeds simply become matted and this is the most humane way to get rid of the mats rather than trying to cut them out. They do it to matted dogs too.

    Cutting the fur this way for vanity, dying it or tattooing your cat is evil. The dino looks like a groomer and guardian having a bit of fun with a bad hair situation. BTW it takes some actual skill for a groomer to pull this off so the cat was most likely in skilled hands. Since none of the head hair was touched and mats are not common there I call this a shave of necessity not trying to have a cool looking cat. Which it is cute in it’s own way but their hair grows back quickly.
    Mats can become painful and cause skin lesions etc. The fact that the one is a persian which are known to mat easily. So do Maine Coons.


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