Tribute to Sugarpaws- a Wishclan Story

Tribute to Sugarpaws- a Wishclan Story

by Taylor G. (Swiftwing In Wishclan and Bloodfang deputy for MoonStar of Iceclan)

the logo lol

the logo lol

The cats from Wishclan sat in the shadows and watched helplessly as Nightpaw was tortured by the two evil leaders from the dark forest, CrystalStar and Cupidstar.

Little CloneKit just slept contentedly and comfortably on Swiftwing's back. CandyPaw's rose amulet was glowing fiercely, Silverblazes claws glowing with with the power of Starclan and Swiftwings shadowy eyes were pitch black, her teeth as long as her dragons around her.

"Bloodhelper, you didn't kill your sister, Bluepaw or your brother Berrypaw when we asked you to. You tried to get us to take away your hypnotizing powers, and now you're trying to leave us! You've grown soft, like that little medicine cat of yours. Now you will pay the price... dying right here in the heart of the dark forest" Cupidstar sneered, her red eyes glinting in the darkness of no stars place.

Crystalstar was quiet, she already tried an amulet to knock two to the ground, so they pressed on to save the young apprentice but he wouldn't listen. He was a danger to their plan.

"SilverBlaze... the time is now. We will end this reign of terror once and for all in these past three moons. On your signal."

one cat nodded. "the time of secrets has passed."
"wWe will bring peace to Wishclan."

"The phrophacy will be fufilled!"

SilverBlaze's prophecy that she was told of, ringed in her head...." danger comes to the blood of wish, from the eyes of red. Brambles and clovers will light the Path...."

They left BramblePelt back at camp to continue the process with the sun amulet while Cloverleaf, a brown she-cat held the moon amulet.

The Rose amulet, Iceheart gave to Sugarpaws, the young pink she-cat, was around her neck. Leading the group as the medicine cat Silverblaze, a light blue and black tom, with Swiftwing, a white she-cat with black markings, leading the attacks with 10 dragons, Emberfoot, WaterSplash, Leaffall, IceTail, PsychicClaws, ShadowScale, CloudSky, StripedFoot and her two dragons she trained at camp, JaggedFang And little evermore.

Goldenheart, a golden she-cat was in charge of calming Nightpaw from the shock and Clonekit...a colorful she-kit, was just along for the ride. They watched as the two leaders and the young apprentice entered a den, and five big No-star warriors blocked the path.

Everyone nodded and went straight for the cats. SilverBlaze clawed the back of a black warriors pelt, while SugarPaws barracaded a small white tom onto a wall. SwiftWing sank her long teeth into a big she-cat, and CloverLeaf used an amulet to take down two at a time.

Nodding, they headed into the den.

They met them at the end. The two former leaders gave SilverBlaze a cold, hard stare.

"Hmm.. I told them to keep the medicine cat out. must of been useless."

Before Silverblaze could speak, Swiftwing pushed her way forward, her voice disordered and chilling.

"I doubt that you can take on all of us ... with all our powers combined." Swiftwing sneered.

"Try us", they teased.. then they jumped.

The fight may have been small, but every cat was fighting. Three Dark Forest warriors rushed forward, but they were eventually driven off.

Swiftwing had Crystalstar in a neck lock with her teeth digging in and Psychicclaw scoring his claws down her belly, and cupidstar was in SiverBlazes glowing claws.

"Now, Sugarpaws!" she yowled.

There was a brilliant flash of light, it got brighter and brighter, and with each tone of light the leaders screamed higher and higher until finally their eyes glazed and died.

But something was wrong...

"Sugerpaws! wh-what happened?" cloverleaf yowled in grief, for a bright pool of blood was welling around her.

"I...I forgot to tell you the price... for using the amulet, didn't I? " she gave a sad smile, and coughed.

Silverblazed rushed around."Don't worry, Sugarpaws, Ill fix you up."

Swiftwing frowned "I don't see a scratch on her body... what-" Siverblaze snapped.

"She's not going to die... if its a wound for a cat I can heal-"

"No..." she coughed out blood and spoke in a quivering voice.

"This wound isn't healable... for it's not a wound to my physical body... but the amulet has cost me... my life." she sighed.

"What?" Brightheart gasped."Why you? why not one of us?"

Sugarpaws coughed again."I..I.. knew this would happen one day. I always had a feeling... since one of your warriors found me in the snow and I accepted that."

Now everyone heard the yowl of grief, and the entire clan was here.

"Sugarpaws... no!"

"Don't die on us!"

"Why? Why her?"

Sugarpaws coughed for one last time, as her final heartbeat was near.

"Silverblaze... tell everyone it was an..honor to serve Wishclan. And I will watch over you from Starclan..." and she passed away.

Everyone went home in grief... until they heard a prophecy from Brambletail.

"SugarPaws will be reborn into a new life....."

Taylor G.

{Note to visitors unfamiliar to Warrior Cats: Warrior Cats is a popular book series turned into an online roll play community. This story is the result of a warrior cat fan and roll play player writing his or her own Warrior Cats story. It is fun to do this.}

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Tribute to Sugarpaws- a Wishclan Story

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Jun 18, 2011
by: Swift again. ( YES wishclan taylor!!!)

Ok anyone plz dont use the picture on top we already had a problem with that... It has Copyright with it so not a good idea to say its yours. Sides my friend drew it and until i find a way to take it down its up there.

May 20, 2011
NightSight/ Nightpaw
by: Savannah Ang

Is that what happend? i dont remeber it like that but ok? and still NightPaw is a warrior now as NightSight and is a mate with his mentor and he has kids but still .... poor NightSight

Mar 31, 2011
* cough cough *
by: Swift

Dude this wasnt the second time this is when she was an apprentice like 4 months ago she didnt have a mate

Feb 03, 2011
O hai...
by: SilverBlaze

I'd just like to point out that mah prophecy made no sense in this 😛
Also, teh last things SugarPaws said was "SilverBlaze, tell SilverPelt I love him, and help him find love again...." BUT she's alive again, so that doesn't really matter does it? Other than that, nice job Tay ^^

SilverBlaze teh awesome

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