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Trinity Acres Rescue and Mandatory Declawing — 4 Comments

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  2. I have 2 kitties from Trinity Acres Rescue and Neither came declawed..I adore my kitties and I think Jann is a wonderful lady..I have to say abortion is legal.. and I think that is horrible.. But they say it is a womans choice.. I think if we spent more time protecting and loving are children it would be a much better world.. And not putting down other people for giving there time to help animals in whatever way they can..If it is legal to kill a child in this country then it should be a persons choice to declaw or not..I have had declawed cats in the past that lived long healthy lives.. And my cat whooped my dogs with no problems..I do not think it is a great thing.. I just think trashing other people on here is uncalled for.. No one has to declaw.. Thats fine but do not trash people if you do not know there intents..We have obviously way to much time on our hands..

    • If it is legal to kill a child in this country then it should be a persons choice to declaw or not

      This is an interesting statement. I don’t believe you can equate abortion with declawing. They are mutually exclusive in my opinion.

      We do not trash people who declaw cats. We criticise people who declaw their cats. We have the right to do that. From our perspective and from the perspective of any decent minded person who loves animals, declawing a domestic cat for non-therapeutic reasons is in effect an assault on that cat. It is cat abuse, no more no less.

      I really feel that we are justified in criticising veterinarians who declaw cats to make money. I’m sure that you are aware that declawing a cat is not removing the claw but removing a part of the cat’s toe. It is an amputation times 10! All for convenience of the person who owns the cat. Sounds good? Sounds right and proper or does it seem to be immoral to you?

    • There is no reason we can’t protect children, unborn children included and cats too.
      I think you will find that most cat lovers are compassionate people who do care about others as well as cats.
      Declawing is cruel, it does not keep cats in their homes, read up on the work of The Paw Project and have your eyes opened to the suffering declawing causes.
      Don’t fool yourself that your own declawed cats didn’t suffer, cats suffer in silence. At the very least if your cats lived long lives they must have developed arthritis because they were unable to dig in their claws to stretch their muscles. Don’t fool yourself that declawing vets do it for any other reason than to make money out of it!
      You are the one with too much time on your hands, so why don’t you do some serious research about the cruelty of declawing before coming here criticising those of us who have already done that and who care for ALL other living feeling beings!

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