by Angela Shelton
(Austin, TX)

In deep thought

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In deep thought

In deep thought You talkin' to me? Wait, that's not supposed to happen. My Buddy Ophelia

I got Trixie from our local shelter in August of 2010. She was a beautiful tortoiseshell, much like my older cat Ophelia, who seemed to be a little lonely.

Trixie was two months old at the time and looked like any other long haired kitty. As she got a little older I entertained my co-workers of Trixie's 'mullet' and this little tiny voice that she uses or the little bird noises that she makes, and some of the crazy antics she engages in at times, especially the licking me in the forehead in the middle of the night thing that she's done since day one with me.

Today I was just looking through Wikipedia's page on cats and a picture of a Maine Coon caught my eye. The cat looked very similar to my Trixie. I read some more about Maine Coons on that site and then read some other articles about Coons. I'm pretty convinced that Trixie is a Coon. I've attached some photos that may or may not give an indication.

Whether she is, officially, or not I think she should be amongst this breed of sweet giant cats. At 9 months she's at five pounds at least and she probably has a lot of growing to do.


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Mar 07, 2011 Trixie's doppleganger
by: Alex Hamilton

My Spitfire is an exact replica of your Trixie! I was told she was a black "tortie" (tortoise shell), and she has long hair and that wonderful orange streak down her nose and chin, as well. She won't get very big, and at 2 years old, is all of about 7 pounds. But what an attitude! She's not a lap sitter or a face kisser, but she always has to be near where her humans are. Her temper is something else... she growls when you try to take away her food, or you try to pick her up to take her from whatever trouble she's intent on getting into. She shreds paper, and has decimated my Burrow's Tail plant. But I love her to pieces. Wish I knew how to post a picture of her here. I also have a Maine Coon cat, that is featured on this site: Shelby. She is the quintessential long-haired brown tiger with the M on her forehead, and the little black tufts on her ears. Not sure if that's a Coon trademark, but others on this site thought so.

Mar 05, 2011 Beautiful
by: Leah (England)

Shes very pretty you know I've never seen a long haired tortoiseshell!
I'm not sure if she's Maine Coon as she looks a little delicate but no matter what she is clearly she's a character and you love her all the same.
I'm so pleased you shared her with us, Thanks!

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