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Trucker stops traffic to scoop up tiny kitten in middle of freeway

This is a motorway miracle story.

Miracle motorway kitten. Photo: Seadown Veterinary Services

Richard was driving his truck (lorry – it happened in England, UK) along the M27, a freeway. The traffic was moving slowly and the car in front had just gone over a small, black object in the middle of the freeway which Richard thought had moved.

Kitten rescued from middle of freeway by trucker, Richard. Photo: Believed to be Seadown Veterinary Services.

“When the car in front of me moved forward I noticed a little black thing on the tarmac. I thought I saw it move so I stopped, put my hazard warning lights on and climbed down to see what it was. It was the smallest kitten you’d ever seen – just lying there in the centre of the M27.”

Richard continues with his story:

“I wrapped her in my work fleece to keep her warm because her legs and body were wet from lying on the motorway surface. As I drove back to the yard I stroked her little head with my finger and talked to her to try to reassure her that everything would be all right. When I arrived the office manager, Emma Courtney, took charge and whizzed the little mite down to the vets at Seadown.”

Veterinary nurse and Ricahrd with the kitten. Photo: Seadown Veterinary Services.

Veterinary nurse Amanda Hoyloake said:

“I was on duty when this tiny black kitten was brought in. Since then we’ve been giving her all the love and care we can. We absolutely adore her and one of our equine vets, Laura Trigg, has fallen for her too. She and her young family are going to adopt her.”

So there you are: another kitten rescued from the middle of a freeway. As usual the question in the minds of readers will be how did the kitten get there. I can only think of one way: she was thrown from a vehicle. She was discarded like a fag end.

Source: Daily Echo.

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