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Truly An Amazing Cat Saves Boy Video — 6 Comments

  1. That poor little boy he must have been so traumatised but even so it appeared that he went after his cat to make sure he was ok; he seemed to head in the direction of where the cat went bless him. That was one brave cat who actually risked his life for that little boy.

    The news reel after really got my goat that idiot in the middle!! When I heard about this going viral I thought I’m glad the little boy is and yes some good publicity for cats then that Moron in the middle says the dog shouldn’t have been put to sleep!! What!1 that dog has tasted human blood!! Ok so you take him then and have him around your kids!!
    He further went on to be-little the cats bravery and state ‘people only have a cat because they sometimes behave like dogs – don’t get a cat just get a dog’ so here we go again someone who clearly doesn’t like cats and who is pissed that the cat is getting some incredible press!
    Cat haters?! Suck it up and deal with it he is one brave little cat and he risked his life.

  2. Never seen anything like that in my life, what an a brave and wonderful cat, I’ve seen in a news report the little lad is calling the cat a hero, he is quite right. I also saw that the dog was surrendered to the police and will be destroyed, sad but safest as it seems to have been a known child hater.

  3. Absolutely amazing! What a wonderful brave cat!
    I hope the owner of the dog was prosecuted for letting it run free.
    That dog could have mauled that boy to death.

    • I have stated my theory in my follow-up post about this video. I believe that the cat had a relationship with the boy from when the boy was a baby or toddler and is treating the boy as one of her offspring so that when he is attacked by a dog she behaves like a typical feline mother in defending one of her own. That is quite a far-fetched idea possibly but it does make sense at an emotional level because I’ve seen many feline mothers do exactly the same thing with respect to their kittens. This cat was incredibly committed and determined and put herself in extreme danger at the same time. That kind of commitment can only come from a high emotional drive which I think is the mother’s instinct to protect their young but I may be barking up the wrong tree completely! 😉

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