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Trump’s Triumph: A European Perspective — 5 Comments

  1. The president is a role model for the younger generation. How a president has and will behave can influence how children will learn to treat their fellow man AND animals. This is my greatest concern about a President Trump.

    Also keep in mind that Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric are into big-game trophy hunting. I don’t sense the family has a great respect for wildlife or nature.

  2. I was so torn over this election. It was the most vicious that I had ever seen.
    I congratulate Trump, although I have high hopes that he is taking his bipolar medication religiously. He can be very volatile. My fears are that he is able to have his finger on “the button” and may lead us into another war because of his anger issues and his potty mouth.

    • Dee, I think you will find that he will change dramatically now there is no longer a need for sound bites. I think you’ll see a different person but will and can he keep his big promises?

      • Many people are saying that he is transforming. Hope that is true. I think that his most valuable quality is that he has never been in the political arena before and isn’t “seasoned or politically savvy”. Regardless, as with my beloved Obama, he is our President and deserving of my respect and support.

  3. Michael, I am American as you know, but I do have to agree with you! I am absolutely sick of the same old politics. Granted, Trump is not an ideal candidate, but he is the best chance for America to go back to being America. . thanks for your insights on this issue!! ♥♥♥

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