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Trusted ‘nice’ house guest caught torturing family cat on baby monitor (video) — 13 Comments

  1. While the Shadow’s owner may be able to forgive his “friend”, I could not, and will not. This psycho should not be near animals, children, or the elderly….or anything alive really. Creepy.

  2. omg that poor cat, at the end when he received the phone call, he let go of the cat and walked away.. the cat just layed there.. he could have easily been killed by what he was doing.. it looked like he was slamming him on the floor too!!! Bastard!!!

  3. How awful to have someone that you considered a friend, abuse and terrify one of your pets. I wonder why he picked on Shadow, but seems to have left the other cat Garfield alone?

    I’m so pleased that he was caught in the act because he won’t be able to deny that video evidence in court. I hope the judge makes some kind of order, whereby he’s not allowed to live with, or come into close contact with animals.

  4. this is so sad. i feel for the cat & the family. it sucks when someone u trust takes advantage of that trust. especially when its on a family member that never had a chance 2 fight back. i sure dont think i could EVER “forgive” somebody that did that 2 my cat. that kid is surely a stronger man than i.

  5. It wouldn’t let me see the video (but it doesn’t matter really). If I was the owner of these cats .. I would have just went home. When I got there..I’d be doing the same thing he did to them. He would not be leaving on his own 2 legs…he’d be going on a stretcher.

  6. Thank God I have a trusted fellow crazy cat lady to baby sit my baby when I have to be away from home! We take turns caring for each others cats. I would be horrified to see that happen to my fur-babies, even the dogs! I hope they throw the boot at that sick individual!

    I pray that Shadow recovers fully and never is subjected to jerks again!

  7. I commend the cat owner for his restraint. If Shadow was my cat and I saw that? Linquist would have left that house feet first.

  8. Look at this man’s eyes, and you can see something odd. I can’t identify it. Learning about “micro-expressions” can help protect us from people who may turn out to be a threat. But it takes some time to study, and use with anyone, even someone who seems “nice”. That can be all part of a predator’s m.o.

    Nanny cams have proven invaluable in homes with children and pets, but also in cases of burglaries and attacks, or any threatening behavior. I’d say it’s a priority investment for many.

      • There are books on it. It’s not something that can be shared with words. You have to look at the face, to see the expressions of the eyes, mouth, in addition to hands and body posture. It happens in conversation, and it’s not controllable, since it’s unconscious.

        You may be able to see a series on YouTube called “Lie to Me” with Tim Roth. Not sure, but that’s a great way to learn about micro-expressions, while watching a half hour drama. I really only discovered it after I was emotionally abused by a manipulator/liar, last year.

        Do a search to find it.

    • I agree, Sandra. He looks sinister, even evil.
      The lesson is that no one enters your home and cares for your cats without serious screening. Besides that, gut feeling is to be trusted always.

  9. So Horrible_ Anyone who abuses and tortures an animal will have the potential to do the same to a human being as well. Many serial killers started their criminal behaviors on the family pets or the neighbors pets or a stray.I have researched this subject in my efforts to understand what can possess a person to commit such acts without a conscious bone of remorse in their body . Their brains are wired differently than a normal one.
    A serial killer accused of 35 deaths, all recounted animal torture in their childhood history.

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/why-the-wild-things-are/201302/do-mass-killers-start-out-harming-pets [-transcript from google link-]

    • There are damaged individuals and/or they are born with it. For all of us it is impossible to even think about doing what this ‘nice’ person did. I don’t think we can be too careful when we let a guest into our homes and leave him alone in the house with our cat. I am not sure I could ever do this.

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