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Truth About Cat Allergens And Strategies To Alleviate Symptoms — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting article. This might explain why my hands hurt whenever I touched Bob. He is a ginger shorthair bobtail that I rescued and eventually rehomed. The other cats don’t bother me. ImA results ate of interest.

    The doc said I was allergic to cats and he may have been right.

    • Thank you Michael for your support and kind comments! My forte is comprehensive and scientific articles. I am doing very well and so are my cats/cats at the cat rescue. My next article will be about the cat rescue because I feel like the people of POC should know about it since I mention my rescue in every article. I am going to start writing an article every other day. Excited about that because I have a long list of articles I hope to publish on here – complete with interesting stories and personal experiences which I believe are the most important part.

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