Truth about pet food author spied on by pet food manufacturers

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This is not a surprise to me at all.  The author and creator of the website, Susan Thixton, says she is being spied upon by the pet food manufacturers and it seems that it does not surprise her either.  Susan plays an important internet role in exposing to the public poor quality issues surrounding pet food. She is a tireless advocate for cats and dogs and for pet food safety. Pet food, after the cat flea, is probably the most serious health hazard to domestic cats but it is a hidden hazard and its effects take a long time to become evident. Perhaps I am being a bit melodramatic in stating that but we know that when people eat a bad diet for a long time it can have serious health consequences so why shouldn’t the same thing happen to cats?

In her work as the creator and author of her website she has made contact and friends with a lot of people within the pet food industry from scientists to employees to managers etc.. She networks like this so that she can gather insider information which gives her website a sharp edge and credibility.

She recounts a true story which happened in the early part of April 2015; quite recently then.  She received a text message from one of her contacts which stated that he/she was unable to hear her voicemail because the connection was bad.  The troubling thing about this is that he had not left a voicemail.

Somebody, or a machine or software, had accurately impersonated her when telephoning one of her trusted contacts within the pet food business.  She calls this mystery person “Mystery Me”.

A particularly unsettling aspect of the telephone call to her friend by “Mystery Me” is that it sounded like her i.e. with the same accent and the voice message said that she was on the way to the beach.  Susan goes to the beach to chill out after a day fighting the pet food manufacturers!

Therefore, we have to come to the conclusion that somebody is spying on her movements. Somebody knows what she’s up to and perhaps wants to undermine her to demotivate her. Perhaps they want to find out what she is discussing with her insider contacts and to find out who those contacts are.

I must say I would be a little bit worried if I was one of her insider contacts from the point of view of retaining my job. It is of course also unnerving to Susan.

It doesn’t surprise me because the pet food industry is quite cynical in my opinion. They know what they’re doing in churning out convenience food which is often inherently unhealthy. It is food made for pets but marketed to people. They need to retain a stranglehold over their consumers. I don’t think it is fair that a small number of people fight the big petfood manufacturers online with their websites. There should be an association of consumers who join together to fight big business with the intention of improving pet food quality.

Something not too dissimilar happened to me, in point of fact. One of my wild cat species range maps was destroyed by somebody.  It was the distribution map of the mountain lion.  I believe that it was destroyed because I am critical of people who hunt the mountain lion in North America.  The map was on Google Maps and it was a public map so anybody could add and improve it, but in this instance they destroyed it. It took a lot of work to make. All my maps are now private as a result but Google doesn’t like that.

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