Trying to Get a Kitten

by Holly
(New York)

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Well, my mom is telling me and my sister to get us a cat because my cat Cocoa died a few months ago. So my mom said we will get it March. We waited like about 3 months and it is May 17th 2009. So we might get them soon. So to get the kittens we go on YouTube and type in cute kittens and my mom is crying and saying omg how cute. So that's y i want 2 get a kitten because i love them so much.:)...Holly

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Trying to Get a Kitten

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Dec 28, 2009 Hopefully I can help
by: Letiece

I know it's December and you probably have a cat by now but I'm going to offer anyways. My cat Meech just had kitties and unfotunately we cannot keep them. So instead of putting them out when they're older or sending them to the shelter which is overcrowded and they might get killed. I want you to have one. THey're free so if you still want one respond bace. I have a page here. 'The kitty who refuses a name' under Maine Coons so if you want one just comment there. =)

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