Tubby tabby weights 33 pounds

His name is Bronson and he weights 33 pounds or 2st 4lbs. He looks it too. His previous owner died and the new owners want to get him into shape.

He lives in Michigan US. He was adopted from the local Humane Society who insisted that the new owners Megan, 29, and Mike Wilson, 35, put Bronson on a weight loss program.

They adopted him 3 months ago and are seeking the optimum diet to weight loss. He is on a grain-free diet. I’d have thought the best diet would be to limit food intake (high quality wet) and combine it with lots of play. If you do that for 6 months he should look better.

It would seem that the fat is stubborn if they have had him for three months and he still looks like this.

Bronson is a modern day fat cat similar to the cats of the past who have featured in the Guinness World Records book. It looks awful but it is quite easy to get that way particularly if the owner is overweight herself although I don’t know if this the case. Some people might say it is cat abuse to let your cat get this fat.

I don’t know Bronson’s age but preventing obesity is the most important aspect of cat caretaking for prolonging the life of your cat. Older cats need up to 30% fewer calories than younger cats. The diet needs to be adjusted accordingly. The same applies to humans!

Gradual weight loss

Overweight cats should lose weight gradually. The advice is to lose no more than 1.5% of their initial body weight per week. Table scraps and treats must be avoided. I expect that the cat rescue have advised Megan and Mike on feline weight loss. It will need persistence and consistency while looking to the long term.

Clauz – World’s Fattest Cat 1950

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  1. Yes, I call it neglect and pernicious indifference. I haven’t had to deal with it but I’ve read about the danger of what’s called fatty liver disease brought on by crash dieting, which can kill the cat. Once the liver is damaged like that, it’s fatal. Need to work closely with a good vet who’s done this successfully. A fat cat can’t fend for them self. They can’t get out of the way of a car, climb a tree or fence, hind under things or get away from a chasing dog, but there are other health problems for fat cats too. Gotta lose it, but carefully, like Michael said.


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