Tulip the Cat

Tulip the Cat

by Mary Vlaar
(Manchester CT USA)

Tulip in her Grand Spynx Pose

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Tulip in her Grand Spynx Pose

Tulip in her Grand Spynx Pose Tulip Lying in the Sun After Morning Cat-Bath Tulip Looking Beautiful This Morning Tulip Sunbathing

I found this poor baby kitten starving on my doorstep last year, she was approximately 8-10 weeks old at the time. I could not find an owner for her, as was not in very good condition. She is also FeLV+, which she probably picked up from her momma cat and SOMEHOW survived her kitten-hood with it.

Someone had abandoned her! Someone had failed to neuter their cat and then abandoned the kittens!


My husband and I took care of her and today she has a home with us, is in healthy condition and BEAUTIFUL. She has a wonderfully personable and playful personality. She loves to be in whatever room my husband and I are in, even if it is the bathtub! Fetch, Tag, and Hide-and-seek are her favorite games, although she also does the normal cat games of play-mouse and ball as well. She is strictly an indoor cat due to being FeLV+, however, she is spoiled otherwise. We love our little Tulip and are blessed to have this unique cat!

Mary Vlaar

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