Tulip the Cat

Tulip the Cat

by Mary Vlaar
(Manchester CT USA)

Tulip in her Grand Spynx Pose

Tulip in her Grand Spynx Pose

Tulip in her Grand Spynx Pose Tulip Lying in the Sun After Morning Cat-Bath Tulip Looking Beautiful This Morning Tulip Sunbathing

I found this poor baby kitten starving on my doorstep last year, she was approximately 8-10 weeks old at the time. I could not find an owner for her, as was not in very good condition. She is also FeLV+, which she probably picked up from her momma cat and SOMEHOW survived her kitten-hood with it.

Someone had abandoned her! Someone had failed to neuter their cat and then abandoned the kittens!


My husband and I took care of her and today she has a home with us, is in healthy condition and BEAUTIFUL. She has a wonderfully personable and playful personality. She loves to be in whatever room my husband and I are in, even if it is the bathtub! Fetch, Tag, and Hide-and-seek are her favorite games, although she also does the normal cat games of play-mouse and ball as well. She is strictly an indoor cat due to being FeLV+, however, she is spoiled otherwise. We love our little Tulip and are blessed to have this unique cat!

Mary Vlaar

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