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Turkey Stuffing Toxic To Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Dr. Hush Puppy- bless his little heart wants me remind y’all to hang mistletoe made of plastic or fabric up high in a doorway- if’n you want to be kissed. He added that mistletoe is extremely toxic for us kitties – and while it’s pretty please ditch the holly.

    And of course do not give us coffee, chocolate or anything containing artificial sweeteners. We felines around the world thank you! And wish you a meowy catmas- and to all “good night”.

  2. Raw, cooked or powdered onion is toxic to cats as is garlic. Onion is not only found in stuffing but sometimes in pizzas, tomato sauce, chinese takeaways, some baby foods, sandwich meats, tinned spaghetti, burgers, gravy, etc, the list in endless.
    Best feed cats cat food or home cooked chicken or turkey to be safe, it’s not worth the risk of them being ill…or worse.

    • I knew onions and grapes in any form,(altho one of my Sadie’s old fav’s) are very toxic for dogs.Had NOOOO idea cats were so badly effected…course I also always thought that cats had better sense then most dogs!!! Also if anyone is ‘trimming a tree”…please folks toss out that silver “stringy” tinsel!!! Cats love the stuff ,chewing on it and ingesting it . Which in turn becomes wrapped around their internal parts!!!! One of my friends lost both her kitties Christmas one year and the vet did a necroscopy on the youngest , finding that the “lovely , tinsel” had knotted and looped itself around inside and basically cut the poor babies insides.(Sorry for the visual) They are attracted to it like yarn and thread. Sorry..getting off topic here….Altho my animals have always gotten goodies from the table , I for one can say they do NOT get the whole feast . Turkey with their food and that’s it! BTW…I know NUTMEG is also toxic,(found in most all pumpkin pies)

      • toss out that silver โ€œstringyโ€ tinsel!!!

        Good point Jan. I think tinsel is very dangerous to cats and there is a lot of it at Christmas, frequently on the floor.

        • I use to LOVE the stuff . But after that I would actually tell people in stores that I’d see buying it not to buy it and why! DOGS too! I know we all love sharing our holidays with our pets , but there are so many decorations and poisonous plants it’s really scary . I think if I ever do get to the point of deciding to put up a tree again I’ll just decorate using pet toys and the rest be damned!!!!LMAO! At least that way I will know there is nothing harmful and if any company doesn’t approve they can leave!!! And the rest of us can have Happy Holidays worry free!

  3. Onions cause a type of anaemia in cats. However they need to eat either a single large dose or repeated small doses to suffer serious anaemia (and most don’t like the taste anyway). A tiny amount of stuffing stuck to a piece of turkey won’t be enough to cause harm. A spoonful of the stuff would be more of a problem. Onion gravy will add to the problem.

    The main problem is people serving their pets a festive dinner with the trimmings. Dogs will happily eat the lot regardless of what is good or bad for them. Most cats are more discerning unless the onion is heavily diguised.

    Stuffing is much nicer when cooked separately anyway.

    • Thanks Sarah. From your comment I deduce that the dog is far at more at risk than the cat at Christmas, which is what I would expect because they wolf almost any human food (as far as I know). I hope your job is going well and I wish you and your cats a Happy Christmas.

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