Turkish orchestra musicians respect a domestic cat who adds to the occasion

Domestic cat and orchestra
Domestic cat and orchestra. Screenshot.
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You know how cats get their way through persistence. This is a good example. They very gently tried to remove the cat but the cat didn’t like it and wanted to stay so the conductor allowed it. A brilliant solution. I love the way the musicians were so gentle with this cat who’d wandered onto the stage. It is an example of how artists in general like cats and are very respectful of them. And see how the cat added to the occasion. The laughter and the fun. It is great to see.

I have guessed that the orchestra is from Turkey but I might be wrong. They are certainly performing in Turkey. If I am correct it does not surprise me because cats are generally well treated in Turkey. There is a long history of domestic and community cats in Turkey and they have two famous cat breeds: Turkish Angora and Turkish Van. They let community mother cats and their young make dens in mosques. I am not saying that all Turkish people love cats. Far from it but there appears to be a general attitude towards domestic and semi-domestic cats which shows a respect for them. It is good to see. The cat is a tortie-and-white. So she is female. It is said that they have ‘catitude‘.

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3 thoughts on “Turkish orchestra musicians respect a domestic cat who adds to the occasion”

  1. You should have made a reference to the excellent and heart-warming documentary “Kedi”, about the cats of Instanbul.

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