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Turn of the World – a poetic and heroic journey — 3 Comments

  1. From what I am able to glean from Monique Magnard’s response above is that Guillaume started a production company in Colombia with the idea that he and Kitty would one day resume their trek to the end of the earth, tierra del fuego. That was 4 years ago. Does anyone know what has happened to them since that time?

    • Hi Yaya, I’d love to know what happened too. I may do some more research on this and try and find out. I sense that it all went pear shaped and he stopped. The obvious answer is normally the correct one. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      • Keep us posted if you find out anything. I can’t keep from wondering how Kitty fared through all this. Humans do strange things, but for a cat? What an adventure!

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