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Tuscaloosa Cat Beating Video Shows a Crime Being Committed Under Alabama Law — 6 Comments

  1. A petition to Law Enforcement, including the DA in that district, needs to be circulated demanding that this man be charged. Will someone assume responsibility for getting that set up???

    • Agreed. To me there is no reason why the police cannot at least charge the abuser because there is enough evidence to do so. I don’t know if you’ll succeed in getting a petition going though. I hope you can and do. Thanks for commenting.

  2. It’s important because a lot of people feel the cat in the video is dead and this is a police cover up. I find it very disturbing the cat remains with the abuser. That’s insane. She should have been legally seized and placed with a rescue. If this had been a child that’s what would have happeened. Anyone who would do this to an animal would do it to a girlfriend or child. See how fast he yields that belt? He’s done this before I can tell.

    • I agree that. It is relevant as to whether there is a cover up but for me there is a clear crime on video fully recorded so it is impossible to cover it up. I completely agree that it is insane to leave the cat there. What are they thinking? What about Animal Control? Can’t they step in? Or is that not their role.

  3. I’d have sworn this was a different cat until I saw how the front left paw is tucked under where the tabby markings aren’t seen. Also White holding the cat around the neck covers whether the tabby pattern is there or broken up by white.So now I’m not sure.

    • This is it Elisa. In the video the front left side of the cat is obscured and the quality of the video is poor. I have been very careful and although I am not completely sure they appear to be the same cat judging by the markings around and on the head particularly the markings around the left ear.

      I don’t believe this is important because the video shows a crime being committed in my opinion. How can that be denied?

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