Tweet claims a group of Chinese guys are killing cats in food blenders (and microwaves?)

This is the tweet using shorthand language:

“Someone needs 2 do smt abt this, #CatBlender there will be a group of Chinese guys going live tomorrow and they’re planning on hurting and killing multiple cats in brutal ways, if there’s any way we could stop this please boost ‼️‼️

Group of cat abusers and killers in China
Group of cat abusers and killers in China. Screenshot.
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This is the video:

This page is a follow-on from the previous one on a linked topic about a video game maker who created a ghastly game in which cats are killed in food blenders. But he appears to be killing cats for real unless it is all a fake story which is distinctly possible.

Here are 2 associated earlier pages to fill out this story and which feed into this story:

It is hard if not impossible to distinguish between reality and fakery on social media nowadays. Sometimes people create fiction and present it as fact in shocking videos with the intention of getting hits. That’s what they crave. And it works. The world’s audience need sensationalism to wake up and watch.

There is an overlap in these stories. Essentially it is about killing cats brutally in a food blender or a microwave. It is hard to think about which is why I am very reluctant to report on this.

Here are some screenshots from the real or fake microwaving cats video which you can see on the previous page by clicking on the top link above.

"Man killing cats For more information search for Kediyi Mikrodalga on Google."
“Man killing cats For more information search for Kediyi Mikrodalga on Google.”

But sadly, it is what interests people. The most successful pages on POC by far as those concerning cat killing and cruelty! Can you imagine? It is sad, very sad as far as I am concerned. I hate it but I need to ensure that POC survives and therefore need to report on these events.

In another video we are shown a gang of men beating up a man who they accused of killing cats in blenders or microwaves. They believed he was one of this group of Chinese guys killing cats.

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