Twinkie’s Story

by Robyn

Twinkie on a Blue Bed

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Twinkie on a Blue Bed

Ten years ago, my animal loving daughter, Ce, went to her sister's soccer game. There was this friendly half-grown black cat that wouldn't leave them alone. Ce started feeding the cat one of the Twinkies we brought for the team snack. The cat couldn't seem to get enough, eating three or four. They brought her home and that night she gave birth to four black and white kittens (which we kept). We named the new mother Twinkie, and over the next year she adopted me and claimed my bedroom as her territory.

She has a very mellow disposition—she knows when to cuddle and when to keep her distance. She likes the dogs, and is our greeter when company comes over. From the attached picture, you can see that even at 10 years old, she has a beautiful coat. Twinkie has been the best cat I ever had, and if I ever have another cat, it will be a Tiffany.


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