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Twisted Limbs in Kittens — 11 Comments

  1. Yea Sometimes things happen that cant control although i know it so difficult but i guess its your baby. Being your website. I guess with us all being in different time zones and countries. Its not your fault. 🙂 Sad about that kitty but amazing that kitty still was able to enjoy the things kitties like to do.

  2. Poor babies!
    But, look how that one is compensating!
    And, no, I don’t find Ellie being declawed acceptable when there is another option. I think full anesthesia is too much; but, some mild to medium sedation seems workable to me.

      • No biggie.
        I think you take these things harder than we do.
        You’re not responsible. Even if you had been, sh-t happens.
        You have nothing to apologize for.

  3. My niece lived in the country for a short while and she found a kitten with this condition in the barn. Of course she has kept her and the cat even has it’s own Facebook page. Her name is Annabelle and she is just as “normal” as any other cat.

  4. Hi Michael,

    Talking about compassionate rescue stories, a couple of years ago I ran across a story about Corky, a cat born with Bilateral Arthrogryposis of the Tarsus who was rescued from a shelter. His story went viral around the Internet, and he soon became quite a star.

    You can read his story and learn more about how he is doing on his facebook page


    Corky had several surgeries to help relieve the condition, and while he is not totally restored- he is doing GREAT, and, in fact, when these folks adopt kitties with physical disabilities, he spends a lot of time taking care of them, inspiring them (actually true) and has been a real inspiration to many, many people.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing his “mom” and wrote about him, and updates. Unfortunately those blogs are no longer available since the site for which I wrote his story has been closed.

    BUT- these cats can do very well, and live full lives as long as they have a guardian willing to help them.

    • Corky’s mom must be an incredible person.
      So many people would never go to the lengths she has.
      I wish that interview was still available.
      But, thanks for telling this.

      • Dee I will try and get another one! This lady is busy busy busy- (not only me) but I think it would be pawsome to do one. Thanks for reminding me.

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