Twitter is facilitating the potential for nuclear war

I was going to recommend that Twitter delete president Trump’s Twitter account for the obvious reason that his tweets are driving the world to a potential WW3 – “Trump’s tweet is a declaration of war says North Korea” (Times newspaper).

Surely this must be grounds for suspending or deleting a Twitter account or at least deleting the tweets. Apparently not. Twitter will not step in and suspend the president’s Twitter account despite the fact that such action is highly justified. It looks like Twitter is facilitating the potential for nuclear war and they may well go down in history with that label.

The reason why Twitter will not act on Trump’s tweets is because Twitter’s value is increased by $2 billion thanks to his use of Twitter to vent his feelings like an 18-year-old. Trump is a massive advertising tool to Twitter and they don’t care if it leads to WW3. And I know a lot of people feel the same way about the North Korean leader (including me) but the US president should not be winding up the situation like he is on social media.

Money Trumps Ethics

Twitter is one of the tech giants. They must all be restrained and regulated. They do not wish to behave responsibly in my opinion. They think they are outside the law. They knowlingly disrupt the status quo. This can be good but it needs to be done responsibly.

Uber is a classic example. It is said that they don’t play by the rules and London is about to ban Uber but it won’t work because Uber have set their prices so low that they can’t make a profit but because they are so convenient and cheap Londoners will insist that they provide their service. Then they’ll hike up the prices.

Google, Facebook and the other tech giants also have their problems. They are similar problems to those encountered with Twitter’s failure to suspend president Trump’s account. YouTube posts extremist videos and have refused to take them down until forced to and even then they do it incredibly slowly. Amazon fights governments over conditions in its warehouses and fails to pay a proper amount of corporation tax (as do Google incidentally).

Airbnb it making a mockery of tenancy rights. Google bend their algorithms to favour themselves and don’t provide an objective search engine. Facebook have the right to use every bit of information about their users that they want to and they can use any video or photograph uploaded by their users as they want to. They pull the wool over the innocent eyes of hundreds of millions of young Facebook users. They admittedly allowed fake news to be published on their site. They allow the promotion of animal abuse and refuse to take down these posts. I could go on but there’s a lot wrong and of course there’s a lot right about the tech giants but they need to be restrained as I said.

I believe that there is very good argument for Twitter to delete president Trump’s account as it may well save the world!

P.S. Sorry this is not about cats but I felt the need to get it off my chest.

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4 thoughts on “Twitter is facilitating the potential for nuclear war”

  1. I wondered yesterday as Trump was talking and looking down as to whether he was tweeting while he talked.

    People don’t seem to realize that once the bombs start flying anywhere we’re doomed. EMP’s will knock out the grid. Everything from the internet and the electric power grid to cars will go down and will kill us faster than the radiation.

    Life (if there is life) will be like The Walking Dead without the zombies.

  2. Therapeutic to vent about it but no use, I’m afraid. Here in US we have to live with this directly every day– it poisons our whole national environment. Envy our cats for being oblivious!

    • πŸ™‚ Yes, it is painful to see this. I hate the North Korean leader as much as Trump but to wind things up towards potential war is not wise and not something a leader should be involved in.


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