Twitter post: ‘If I can’t find a good home for her she will be put down’

Cat needs a new home
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Cat needs a new home

Danny Howard is a proud LGBTQ advocate because he is openly transgender and bisexual. He declares it on Twitter. His sexuality has nothing to do with his desire to relinquish his cat as far as I am aware. It might be, but I have no knowledge of that.

What concerns me is his Twitter post in which he almost attempts to emotionally blackmail the public by saying that he is moving and has to re-home his cat and if no one comes forward she’ll be put down.

He actually says that she’ll be euthanised if he can’t find a home for her. Fair enough, but the wording of his Twitter post directed at Twitter viewers implies that if people don’t come forward she’s likely to lose her life. I think he could have worded it more positively.

What about:

“Beautiful longhaired, black-and-white beauty with sweet personality needs a new home because it’s impossible for me to keep her. She’ll be sorely missed….”

His cat looks beautiful. She is a longhaired random bred cat; black-and-white. She is declawed and I hope that he did not declaw her. Shame on the person who declawed her. It would be nice to know her name.

She is fully vaccinated and in decent health (implied). You can contact Danny on ki**************@gm***.com to ask where he is an make arrangements to adopt her if it all looks good.

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