Twitterer exposes YouTuber who decapitated a cat for hits

“Holy crap. Sickos will do anything for clout.”


Cat killed in YouTube video

Yes, this is a confusing but macabre cat story. Another one. There are too many. Behind it is the reckless desire to gain success on YouTube anyway possible which is this instance means cutting the head off a cat and recording it on video and uploading the video to YouTube. The man’s language is Spanish.

The video was exposed by a Twitterer named Destiny (@JustDestinyYT). He may have been told about it by someone else.

Destiny posted the video on Twitter with the worst bits blurred out for the sake of decency but left the sound track untouched. You can hear the evil laughter of the psychopathic individual who it appears killed the cat. His YouTube username is 暁Akatsukito. We don’t know if this person did decapitate the cat. It looks like it but there a mystery surrounding this. It looks certain though that the cat was decapitated.

YouTube were called upon to delete the video and the account. The account remains on YouTube but the video has gone. There is only one video on that account/channel and it is bloody awful.

However, the video is still in the internet because it is on the Twitter feed of Destiny albeit blurred out.

There is one last twist to this sick story. There is another madman out there who goes by the YouTube name of Peluchin Entertainment. He says that he abuses animals for the fun of it. There may be a link between 暁Akatsukito and Peluchin. They may be the same person.

What can we take from this? Social media and particularly YouTube are out of control and attract psychos whose only way of becoming successful is through notoriety because they have no talent. They achieve this by hurting animals. They know that there will always be people, voyeurs of animal abuse, who will be drawn to the macabre hurting and killing of animals.

YouTube administrators rely on others to point out these people. That is not enough which is why they get away with it long enough to achieve their goal.

5 thoughts on “Twitterer exposes YouTuber who decapitated a cat for hits”

  1. This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy on violence.
    And the account it says Video unavailable.

    • Yes, this sort of thing happens a lot which is why for the past 18 months I place a warning under all embedded videos over which I have no control such as for Twitter videos. I can’t check up on these videos as there are too many and I don’t have the time to monitor them so they have to stay on the site as defective videos. They have a limited shelf life but still have some use.

    • Do you mean I should remove the picture or the Twitterer should do so? I am trying, as he is, to highlight an issue. It is a difficult one because there is a reason in this instance for publishing the picture. The reason is to promote animal welfare.


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