Twitterers have fallen in love with these Selkirk Rex kittens

Selkirk Rex kittens on Twitter are causing a bit of a stir. People who don’t particularly like cats are falling in love with cats. I think you can see why. This is a cat in sheep’s clothing 😉 . A poodle comes to mind. The mutant gene producing the rex coat is dominant.

I was going to entitle the page: Selkirk Rex Kitten Gets Twitterers in a Twitter…. But Google doesn’t understand that! The phrase “in a twitter” means to become excited and unsure of oneself. It is an old fashioned phrase rarely used.

You can read about the Selkirk Rex by clicking on the link:

Selkirk Rex Cat

I am a bit surprised at the reaction. The Selkirk Rex breed has been around for quite a long time (1987) and is one of the three mainstream Rex cats. The other two are the Cornish and Devon Rex. The third and rarer Rex cat is the German Rex.

I think these cats are the companions of Twitter user @meanplastic who posted the photos on Twitter. The tweet went viral, notching up more than 6,500 retweets and 18,000 likes.

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