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Two adorable partly tamed feral kittens for adoption in Marietta, GA.

Two adorable partly tamed feral kittens for adoption in Marietta, GA.

by Claire
(Marietta, GA)

There is a small feral community at the end of my street and a lady feeds the community. About twice a year, kittens are discovered — most of them die.

Around July of last year (it is now February 2011), two little kittens broke off from the community and popped up in my hedges like they just knew, “hey, this lady has three dogs and three cats. She will feed us.”

And I have fed them daily and have tried to make friends with them. I have mentioned them to my vet. I bought a $150 cylinder insulated shelter I have seen them in only once — they just prefer living in the elements.

Anyway, there is a black one and a gray one. In the last week, the little gray one has surrendered and let me know he trusts and that he is tired of living on his own. He cautiously let me pet him for three days, and today he let me pick him up without scratching me.

The black one will still not let me approach him. I can’t take any more animals. Of the six I have, four have health problems that cost a fortune already. I cannot separate the two anyway–they are best friends.

I will just keep feeding them outside and let the gray one know I love him, but other than that there is nothing I can do. First, I live in a small home that will not accommodate the six animals I have (well, it does) and our laws are a maximum of five animals.

Anyone know of anyone in Marietta, GA that would love to take in two adorable feral, somewhat tamed cats (kittens?)?


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