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Two Beauties Who Need Homes Without Being Mutilated — 45 Comments

  1. UPDATE!
    These two darlings were adopted together today to a wonderful couple with an 8 year old daughter who impressed me with her maturity, even with the way she held them.
    I’m so happy, but cried anyway at losing them.
    They said that they will keep the names I gave them – Simom and Simone.

    • Sorry That’s Simon and Simone.
      Now, there are two siblings that will be harder to place.
      One is an orange tabby; the other is black/white.

    • Wonderful news Dee, I’m so glad Simon and Simone were adopted together, yes it must have been hard parting with them. I hope their siblings end up in a loving home too.
      WELL DONE YOU! x

      • Thanks, R.
        My hope was for them to be together. I, actually, pretty much dismissed the 2 people who wanted only one.
        They have been inseparable from the beginning and do everything together. It’s adorable.
        They have the right “parents” now. They saw, right away, that they were “siamese twins”.

        • Dee, that’s so lovely to hear that those 2 kittens were re-homed together. Well done you, for hanging on for the right family to adopt them.

    • So pleased for you and for the little souls that they have gone to a safe home where they won’t be abused by declawing, well done Dee that’s another two lives saved, you are an amazing lady xxxx

  2. I cannot believe that a shelter Person first thought was to declaw??That the people didnt think anything of it, whats wrong with people, So disappointing. Keep them with you as long as you can, shouldnt be de-clawed they are only kittens!!!

    • Those kittens are adorable. Thank goodness they’re safe with you Dee.

      Very worrying that the board member clearly isn’t against declawing. Her own cats have been declawed and her comment “I would only have a reputable vet do it…” means she’ll probably have future cats of her own declawed. How many cats has she allowed to be adopted by people knowing that they will declaw?

        • I’ve been affiliated with this cat rescue group for about 5 years. I’ve been well aware that they are anti-declawing. So, until now, that possibility has never been mentioned.
          As I wrote, I think she just “lost it” in her exhuberance to have them adopted. I thought she was going to have an orgasm just from seeing their pictures (can I say that?). I’ve always known her to be caring and hardworking. I never knew that she had had any cat declawed. I’m not sure anyone else knows either. I haven’t lost confidence in the group as a whole – just her.
          But, in the case of these two sweeties, I’m passing on any help there this time.

  3. Thanks for sharing DEE and yes both are really beautiful semi feral kittens. The issue of de-clawing is severe at this time in USA, I think. Every other cat owner wants it but I hate it, I even don’t trim the nail tips of my cats. Just to allow them to protect them-self, climb or scratch. I don’t think that kittens or adult cats (if socialized/ tamed) scratch owners or their households.

    Its a sick mind, lazy mind and crazy mind thinking to declaw the cats. πŸ™

    But Thousand thanks for what you are doing for feral cats out there <3

    • Its a sick mind, lazy mind and crazy mind thinking to declaw the cats.

      Agreed. As there are an estimated 20+ million declawed cats in the USA there are up to 20 million people with the sort of minds you describe. Shocking isn’t it?

    • Ahsan, they are both in a very loving and safe home now.
      I cried like a baby having to let them go.
      I’m certain you know how I felt.

  4. Its enough of a worry when when I re-home as it is I couldn’t even contemplate the thought that someone would consider mutilating a cat I had homed!!!

  5. Hi Lee, I’d add the words “legally binding contract” when talking to adopters about your anti-declaw contract – those words seem to command attention. I always send home the cardboard scratchers my foster cats use at my house so they have a familiar scratching place in their new home since they may scratch more during the transition phase to destress.
    I’d send this link to the mutilating board member which lists the general guidelines of care for all declawed cats from Paw Project Utah. Even if her crippled cats seem “fine” now, that sure doesn’t mean that they really are since cats hide pain, or will stay that way as they age. I’ve been sending this link to anyone who says their declawed cats are fine and also just added it to my declawed foster cats petfinder profile so folks understand the lifetime of care these special needs animals require, since so many people aren’t told (or even misled by some rescues who market their declawed cats as “easier pets” or “maintenance free pets”) and then when the cat has medical or behavioral issues, they are relinquished or abandoned: http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=ee2d453714f3b85e58c17026b&id=d32d93daf5
    Best of luck with the kitties, I’d probably end up keeping them if I found them myself they are so beautiful πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Susan.
      Great info.
      It takes very little for any cat to burrow into my heart. These two are no different. The one in the forefront is a boy, and the smaller a girl.
      It’s hard to keep dismissing the thought that they must be “mine”; but, the reality is that there may be someone better suited. I have a very full plate and want them to have all the love and attention they deserve. They would, easily, become one of many here. Not saying that they would be deprived at all.
      Just saying that I want them to feel very special, because they are.

      • That’s wonderful! So happy they got to stay together and were fostered by someone like you who loved and cared enough about them to find them a home who doesn’t declaw. yay! But I understand how bittersweet it is to let them go -it’s like a piece of your heart goes with them.

  6. Awww. I hate that Vets will even declaw. Many will not agree to do that. There are other options to that as we all know, so what the heck! My sister had her cat declawed and when he returned home he was in such pain. He stuck his paws in the water dish constantly. She didn’t know any better and still struggles with what she did to him.

  7. Don’t call it declawing, so many think only their claws are removed like a toe nail for humans. Call it de-toeing…..cutting off their Toes!

    • The more correct term is amputation because that is exactly what happens.

      Thanks D for rescuing those beautiful babies. I would adopt them if I could. πŸ™‚

      • I wish more people realised that declawing is a complete misnomer, highly misleading and that the operation is as you state a partial amputation of the toes of the cat. I consistently say this but not enough veterinarians in the USA explain that simple fact to their clients when seeking instructions about whether to de-claw their cat or not.

  8. So are the kittens with you Dee or are they at a shelter? Surely you have some say over where they go to and can refuse to let them go to the would-be declawer? I don’t see how you could trust them not to do it anyway, then it would be too late to save their toes.

  9. Well done Dee for rescuing those kittens. I can hardly believe someone wanted to mutilate them, no ‘good vet’ declaws and boasting hers are done by laser as if it’s any less cruel and disabling shows she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near any cat or kitten.
    I hope they get a lovely home where they can live their lives as cats WITH their rightful claws.
    I wouldn’t like to be any person who promised that them broke their promise, you’d make them sorry they were ever born!

  10. Dee please post area of Florida you’re in and contact info and if there will be adoption fee or just vet references. I can do article from work after midnight πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Elisa.
      I may well ask that of you in a couple of weeks.

      The 2 of them are inside with me, currently hiding under the china cabinet tearing up part of the morning newspaper that I placed just barely within their reach. They are petty skittish, but I’ve been able touch them and pick them up sometimes, as you can tell in the picture.

      I don’t believe that they are more than 8-9 weeks old.
      What I think I’m going to do at this point is to go ahead and bypass adoption out of Petsmart. Lots of people pass through the adoption area. I don’t know who the couple is that “P” is talking about, so I wouldn’t know them if I saw them. Something inside of me is saying not to risk that this couple will come through and ask to adopt one or both and lie about the declawing now. And, I’ll be none the wiser.

      What I’m thinking of doing is taking them in as ferals for TNR at 12 weeks old which is when they can have their rabies vaccine. My cost for neutering, exam, rabies vaccine, flea and parasite preventative is only $10 each. Then, I feel they will be ready for adoption. Plus, it will give me a little time to work with them.

      I’m looking at just after New Years, since Christmas will be interrupting my course of action.

      What do you think?

  11. There are ways other than going to that extreme. My little guy Shadow (who was originally my brothers’ cat … then my moms’ until she passed away) had been declawed. But, “if” I had known what declawing actually did. I would have asked her not to have it done. At the time we were both unaware what it meant for the cat. I wish we had known about those little things that fit over the claws that stop them from scratching things up. Because it’s pretty horrible & cruel what happens to them. Both my mom & I loved him dearly and would not have purposely wanted to harm him. I would NEVER have the same done to another cat I owned.

  12. I feel when a cat lover and caretaker is in an environment where declawing is commonplace it is hard sometimes to avoid it and circumvent it.

    A contract forbidding declawing is good and perhaps the best you can do but if the adopter ignored the contract and declawed the cats, then what?

    You can’t sue for compensation and the irrepairable damage has been done. Difficult situation.

    Thanks for allowing me to post this, Dee. I hope it does not cause problems.

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