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Two Cat Stories with Happy Endings — 4 Comments

  1. Love both of these stories.
    I, especially, love how some cats will extend themselves to other animals, even squirrels, puppies, etc.
    They are such loving and exquisite creatures.

    • Me too. I love the way different species help one another. Of course the biggest example of that is the human’s relationship with the cat which sadly is somewhat spoilt by the unacceptable behaviour of a proportion of humans towards cats.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael for a bright spot this morning! All too often, the only feline stories are those with horrific endings, even with rescue. These two you’ve posted are a wonderful way to start the day. BTW, may the evil ones who hurt that poor dog go, well, we all know where…

    • I feel like you about these sad cat stories. It is quite hard to avoid them. There are many happy ending cat stories but they are largely unreported. There are many wonderful people who do great work but they are invisible to the news media.

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