Two cat transformations – before and after pictures

Here are a couple of ‘cat transformations’ meaning a transformation from when they were neglected or struggling to survive as abandoned kittens or young cats to when they were healed and renewed through a commitment to delivering a lot of tender love and care. We see these quite a lot but not enough I guess because there are millions of cats who never go from the before to the after stage. They die basically and no one knows about it. So these guys are special and very lucky.

Both picture sequences come from members of Reddit. I am thankfully to them. They are Kara and Nimbus.

Kara's transformation
Kara’s transformation. Photo montage: MikeB from images on Reddit.
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Nimbus a rescue cat before and after
Nimbus a rescue cat before and after. Montage: MikeB from images on Reddit.


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2 thoughts on “Two cat transformations – before and after pictures”

  1. Praise God for these beautiful little miracles, and the people who help them. I see other articles about people rescuing animals, including Russell Crowe, that look uplifting.


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