Two cat transporting methods both of which are unsatisfactory but amusing

Some brave souls who love their cats understandably want to take their cat with them when they venture out onto the streets. I do it. I use a cat stroller. I think it is a decent solution but you have to be a little bit eccentric to do it. Or at least that is the perception.

Cat transporter or carrier as a rucksack
Photo: Pinterest
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The same attitude applies to the people using these two versions of a cat carrier. Both look precarious and uncomfortable for the cat to me. The first picture shows a flat-faced Persian crammed into a ‘space capsule’ awaiting lift off! It looks great and a useful way of transporting a domestic cat from A to B but it’s too small and cramped to be described as a routine way of taking your cat with you. For how long would you keep a cat in that thing? I would doubt that many cats would accept being placed in it without a fight.

Cat transporter or carrier as a rucksack
Photo: Pinterest

The other method (above) is humorous to an outsider but no doubt serious to the cat’s owner who is probably enjoying the attention. The cat seems calm and accepting but for how long? Perhaps the photo is deceiving.

This photo appears to have been taken in Europe. In fact it looks like Paris to me as the buildings look French. Some Parisiennes do take their cats out like this or in similar ways such as on a lead on the pavement (sidewalk) with traffic everywhere.

Cat Stroller

Cat stroller

One advantage of all three methods is that you get to meet people. It is like taking your dog for a walk. People stop and talk because we are almost automatically attracted to pet animals. I have meet several people taking my cat out with the stroller. If you are looking for a new partner, I’d tentatively recommend it.

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8 thoughts on “Two cat transporting methods both of which are unsatisfactory but amusing”

  1. Where I live the cat hanging on your back would be called dog bait. I don’t walk my cats even though I’d love to but having to holster a .22 to take a walk seems like I’m bringing on more trouble than it’s worth.

      • Loose dogs are a real issue here. I wouldn’t even take them in a stroller which would be difficult on dirt roads anyway. The majority of people let their dogs roam here so a cat on a leash or the gods forbid hanging off your back would indeed be in peril. I have to say the cat just hanging was beyond my scope of reasoning. In the city, a park or just your neighborhood your cat would be defenseless.

  2. Carrier #1 is too small and cramped, especially for a flat-faced cat who may have breathing issues. Carrier #2 is just stupid. The cat is hanging there – you know a cat will inevitably get anxious after awhile. Cats don’t like to be dangling in their air for any length of time; that’s why even scruffing a cat requires their behind to be supported.

    I like the stroller though. I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve seen others. As long as the cat likes it and the netting is secured so the cat cannot escape, why not?

    Personally, I’ve taught my cats to walk in a harness and leash. It takes time but it can be done. That’s a real conversation with new people too.

    • I agree. The first carrier looks way too small and appears to have inadequate ventilation. The cat would overheat in the warmer months.


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