Two cats dragged to their deaths behind a Mitsubishi truck in Bangkok, Thailand

This is an example of horrendous cat cruelty and torture. It happens to come from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand formally Siam.

The photograph on this page shows one cat, clearly deceased, tied to a Mitsubishi vehicle by the neck having been dragged to his death. Apparently there were two cats. Both died a ghastly, painful and terrifying death.

Police are being urged to find the person or people involved. They should not have any difficulty because this pickup truck and it’s owner are well known to the owner and staff of a petrol station which they visit often. It should only be a matter of time before they are picked up by the police. The only question is whether the police are interested.

A Facebook user, Boll Kittiton, posted the photograph that you see on this page on Facebook. It appears to have been deleted because I couldn’t find it. The photograph was taken near a petrol station in Yan Ta Khao owned by a company called PTT.

Apparently attendants at the petrol station and nearby onlookers ran towards the truck but the driver jumped back into the vehicle and drove off at high speed. The truck then turned into an alleyway. The cats were found dead in the vicinity of this alleyway.

CCTV cameras at the petrol station recorded the arrival of the pickup truck but not the driver’s face. However, as mentioned, the person appears to be known to staff at the petrol station and therefore they should be caught. Pray God that they are caught. This is horrendously callous and unforgivable.

Thailand does have animal welfare law: Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Provision of Animal Welfare Act. It was enacted in 2014. The act defines cruelty to animals in a common sense way and I’m sure that the cruelty to these two cats falls within the ambit of this law. Therefore there is no excuse for not arresting and prosecuting the perpetrator(s).

Source: Bangkok Times.

4 thoughts on “Two cats dragged to their deaths behind a Mitsubishi truck in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. And this goes on in western countries all the time. And it’s why I don’t understand anyone letting their pets roam at large.

  2. My heart goes out to these two poor souls who suffered horrendously to the end. I pray that the government of Thailand upholds their own law and pursues the subhuman who committed this act of cruel torture.

    • It shocked me. There is something wrong at the heart of humankind when this sort of cruelty emerges. It is hateful and they should (but won’t) be severely punished.


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