Two cats fall out of a 13th floor apartment simultaneously and are killed

The block from which the cats supposedly fell
The block from which the cats supposedly fell
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Druids Heath, Birmingham, UK: The RSPCA investigated the death of two cats at the base of a tower block. They were lying there having supposedly fallen from the 13th floor. They initially believed that the cats had been thrown out of the apartment either, I presume, by the owner or somebody living with the owner.

Cats found dead at base of tower block
The 2 cats found dead at base of tower block

I speculated in a prejudicial way relying upon stereotypes that the owner in a drunken stupor chucked her cats out of the window at 5am in the morning because they had woken her up.

The RSPCA now say that it was an accident. The cats fell out of a window. We don’t know how this strange state of affairs came about.

I regret to say that I can’t bring myself to believe it. It seems highly unlikely, almost impossible, that two cats would fall simultaneously from a 13th floor apartment and both be killed. The cats look middle aged to me. They are not kittens doing wild things. And their positions on the ground are strange. It’s as if they were placed there.

Surprising though it sounds, most cats survive these falls because they reach terminal velocity from that height and glide down suffering moderate injuries (sometimes severe) usually on the jaw, chin and chest which can be treated by a veterinarian. This is my experience of this sort of accident having read a number of stories about them and researched the matter.

Highest A Cat Has Fallen And Survived

I am coming around to the idea that the cats might have been deliberately killed and placed at the base of the tower to give the impression that they had fallen. That could be a wild thought. There is no blood on the ground.

I could be wrong of course but it seems so unlikely that they both fell and both died as to be untrue. No doubt the RSPCA interviewed the cats’ owner and what they told them was that it was an accident which is exactly what you’d expect them to say. As there are no other witnesses they have to believe the owner which means the matter is now closed.

4 thoughts on “Two cats fall out of a 13th floor apartment simultaneously and are killed”

  1. I also noticed there was no blood on the ground and wondered about that. Surely, a deadly fall from that height would have left some sort of splatter pattern from the impact, especially if they were dead prior to the fall? I tend to agree that they may have been strategically placed post mortem, especially noting that they were not in an unusual position.

    Poor babies! At least they are in a better place now. Those responsible will have to answer to God for their actions.

  2. Hopefully a postmortem will answer some questions. If the cats fell and it killed them there will be definite signs of landing impact. Of abuse.


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