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Two cats form a close relationship through windows of adjacent apartments — 3 Comments

  1. Most cats like having a buddy or friend. It’s a shame that humans want only a single cat. I say most because Lucy couldn’t care less for other creatures whereas Barney would love a playmate. Barney might get one in the future. He’s still young.

  2. Yeah I agree that cats don’t have what we’d call gay relationships with each other. They pal around and the cats who’ve been closest with me have been male. I think there are masculine sensibilities, behaviors and friendships built on a familiarity and comradery probably based on that, a sense of brotherhood I guess. I don’t think of it as gay, and I was a dance teacher and was familiar with gay guys. So not the same thing.

    • I am pleased you agree on that point. It is slightly tricky point but male cats form great friendships with other male cats and of course female cats. My cat has formed a close relationship with a neighbour’s female cat. I say ‘female’ because I have not checked but her appearance and demeanour indicate female to me.

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