Two cats form a close relationship through windows of adjacent apartments

Simon and Theo form a close relationship through apartment windows. Hey, I want them to meet.

This can happen because indoor cats get a lot of pleasure looking out of windows and I am presuming that these guys are indoor cats. In this case a couple of cats, as it happens male cats, have formed a close relationship by looking at each other through windows across a space between adjacent apartments.

You’ll see what I mean in the Twitter video and pictures below. They are thumbnails which you can enlarge by clicking on them. On smartphones drag the images into view right to left.

It is a sort of love affair. Well that’s what someone has described it as. I’d just say they both want a cat friend by the look of it and the nearest that they can get to this what we see. Not great but very cute nonetheless.

Anther cute aspect of this story is that their human companions have communicated with each other on posters which confirms that their respective cats are indeed interested in each other.

They are Simon and Theo. The videos are from Simon’s apartment. Some inquisitive people will be asking if cats can form gay relationships. Well they can but it won’t be gay in human sense. It’ll be close friendships. Cats don’t get the human concept of homosexuality.

P.S. While I am typing this my cat is on my lap and he is looking out for his girlfriend, a black-and-white cat who comes to visit. He really fancies her. She is a lady and he is a silly boy but they get on nicely.

3 thoughts on “Two cats form a close relationship through windows of adjacent apartments”

  1. Most cats like having a buddy or friend. It’s a shame that humans want only a single cat. I say most because Lucy couldn’t care less for other creatures whereas Barney would love a playmate. Barney might get one in the future. He’s still young.

  2. Yeah I agree that cats don’t have what we’d call gay relationships with each other. They pal around and the cats who’ve been closest with me have been male. I think there are masculine sensibilities, behaviors and friendships built on a familiarity and comradery probably based on that, a sense of brotherhood I guess. I don’t think of it as gay, and I was a dance teacher and was familiar with gay guys. So not the same thing.

    • I am pleased you agree on that point. It is slightly tricky point but male cats form great friendships with other male cats and of course female cats. My cat has formed a close relationship with a neighbour’s female cat. I say ‘female’ because I have not checked but her appearance and demeanour indicate female to me.


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