Two cats found, one still missing after their owners were murdered in their Florida home

UPDATE November 23, 2018 Kimba has been found! WCJB News posted “Volunteers from Operation Catnip have found Kimba, and now have safely captured all three of the Williams family’s cats. Volunteers were allowed into the home on Friday, and found the missing cat hiding in a closet. Kimba will be reunited with Jude and Sadie who are already in the care of Williams family relatives.”

Three cats hope to be reunited with family members this week as a mother and daughter are being laid to rest this week after being murdered by the husband and father. Two of the cats are safe and accounted for. Another is still missing.

photo courtesy Facebook Operation Catnip
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Lisa Williams, 57, and her daughter Paige, 15, were killed inside their home in Gainesville, Florida last week. Paul Williams is being charged with the murder.

Family members include Paige’s older sister Lindsey Williams as well as dozens of others. One of these family members will be caring for their three cats.

Kimba (Operation Catnip)

Operation Catnip is a Gainesville-based organization dedicated to the welfare of free-roaming community cats. They posted the situation on their Facebook community page on November 20.

“We have been working with law enforcement and property management at Garrisonn Way to catch three cats who have been through some very tragic circumstances. We are so relieved that we have found two of the cats. Still missing is Kimba, a female torbie with white.

We have set traps in the house and in the area and are asking that neighbors do not leave additional food out. It is more likely that Kimba is still inside the house, as her sisters were, but if she is indeed outside, she will be more likely to go into the traps if that is where the only available source of food is! We, and other helpers are checking on the traps throughout the day, but if anyone else in the area notes that the traps have been tripped before we make our rounds again, please let us know!”

Jude and Sadie were found uninjured inside the home and will reunite with the family in the near future. Melissa Jenkins with Operation Catnip said Kimba could be inside the home or she could be outside.

Caitlyn Shields is a volunteer coordinator with Operation Catnip. She stated in an interview with WCJB News

“They weren’t aware of their situation, they have no idea what’s going on so for us the goal is to get them back inside where they’re comfortable. So they’re completely calm so it’s a good sign.”

Kimba is described as a brown tabby. The folks with Operation Catnip say she’s not the type of cat who’s just going to walk up to a stranger asking for help. Humane traps have been set both inside the home and out to safely catch Kimba.

The funerals will be held Friday at Baxton and Bass Okeechobee Funeral Home in Okeechobee at 11 am. Lisa was a media specialist at Steven Foster Elementary School and Paige was a student at Buchholz High School. Like her mother, Paige expressed herself through her writing.

Anyone with information on Kimba is asked to contact Operation Catnip at (352) 380-0940.

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  1. Elisa—a sad but great article.As usual I enjoy everything You write.Is there a way to share this because I have many friends in FL who could do the same? These poor FURBABIES have been so traumatised.Sending Prayers to Saint Francis and Saint Gertrude for Her safe return.

    • You can share it from my wall or you can share in from the social media buttons on the article itself that are located under the title.


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