Two cats stolen and then thrown on railway line where three trains went over them

I’ll say right away that the cats survived. They are microchipped. They went missing. Their names are Sophie and Tiggs. It happened in the UK.

attempt to kill two black cats on railway line

They were stolen with the intention of killing them in a novel way by placing them in pillowcases and then throwing them onto electrified railway tracks.

While trying to get to them the rescuers had to wait and watch while three trains went over them before the power was disconnected from the railway.

They survived because one of the cats was beneath the electrified live rail while the other was beneath one of the other tracks.

Once rescued their owners disclosed that they had gone missing some days earlier. The company who manages the rail tracks, Network Rail spotted the cats and alerted the RSPCA.

Sophie and Tiggs are being cared for at a local veterinary clinic while the police and RSPCA investigate. Did someone see the criminal throw them onto the tracks?

Comment: This is a new way to kill cats. It is another example of the degenerate nature of a part of British society and the silent war waged against cats let outside. To some mindless thugs cats are not seen as sentient beings. There is a black hole in the minds of these people. They’ll almost certainly get away with this crime.

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  1. I really don’t know if thoughts and actions are influenced or borrowed between countries or not.

    But, I’m sure that every generation has always felt that the following generation(s) are horrible. But, in actuality, I believe that it is without mistake today.

    The younger generation is a privileged generation and are allowed to do most anything without repercussions.
    Disrespect for all living beings is becoming almost a norm.

    Authorities have taken away control and discipline from homes and schools. Children have been known to call and report fictitious abuse when they don’t agree with their “time outs” (Guess how I reacted in 1986 when my 12 y/o son only threatened to report me because I wouldn’t allow him to ride his bike after dark?).

    The only supposed authority now is the law but even officers are fearful of dealing with these youngsters sometimes because they have no public support.

    In my younger days, it never occurred to me to harm any animal, take a weapon to school, or strike a teacher. There’s a real possibility that I would be a cripple today had I carried out any of those actions, for sure.

    • Dee, it is remarkable but what you have written could have been written by me (except for the reference to your son as I have no children) about the UK. I also have questioned whether my perceptions of the behavior of mainly youths today is jaundiced and biased by my advanced age but I don’t think it is. There is less discipline today and more of “I want it now” culture. No one saves money anymore. And I am fearful for the medium term future on a global scale.

  2. if the person/people that did THIS get caught im sure they will get in trouble, but NOT for the cat thing. itll probably be for the danger it COULDVE caused to the tram, passengers, etc, but NOT the cats of course, which is a travesty in and of itself. if it was a dog though… but who knows, we could ALL be pleasantly surprised by the turn of events. heres hoping!

    • Yes, I’m afraid there is a bias as to what if anything general society cares about cats compared to dogs, but if government is to consider either at all, they should consider that both species evolved at the same time… indeed there is a postulation that they both evolved from the same animal. They may even pre-date homo sapiens. However,
      we’re ALL sentient now and we, being in charge, need to govern the lesser of our species to * not * abuse *other species like this. These people are horrible! They are the ones who aren’t needed. I’m all for doing whatever it takes to see to it that these types never procreate or have any influence on other people or animals at all, ever again.


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