Two cats use a human toilet at the same time

This is the first time I have seen a record of this sort of behaviour in a picture. Training cats to use human toilets is fairly common these days but in this instance the white-and-black cat joins the black-and-white cat on the toilet and they go together. It looks a bit cramped. The first cat there completely accepts the other. It is as if it happens rountinely.

Two cats peeing or pooping on a human toilet at the same time
Two cats peeing or pooping on a human toilet at the same time. Screenshot
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I am not sure that their behaviour is significant in any way. They are clearly very friendly with each other and have no embarrassment going to the toilet together. The emotion of embarrassment is probably beyond domestic cats as it requires self-consciousness. Embarrassment is a human concept, isn’t it? But this is a big debate: whether cats are self-aware. I don’t believe that they are. This image might support my belief.

There is one other thought which comes to mind. The concept of domestic cats using human toilets is questionable although convenient for cat owners. It is believed that sea otters off the coast of California have been harmed by toxoplasma oocysts in cat poop being flushed down toilets where it finds its way to the sea. It is quite a bit story and one which works against domestic cats. It certainly calls into question the training of cats to use human toilets over litterboxes.

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