Two Developments in Sage the Cat Torture Case

I am reporting on two developments with respect to the Sage the Cat torture/killing case. We need to keep it alive and running in the interests of justice.

This is about persistence and tenacity. It takes persistence and tenacity to get a result in a cat cruelty case and it doesn’t matter if it’s America or the UK or anywhere else. Rarely do these cases resolve quickly. This matter has followed a typical pattern. The police did some preliminary investigations and then more or less gave up through lack of evidence and commitment.

A group of dedicated people seeking justice for abused cats set up a Facebook webpage, “Justice to Sage” and through it they have persisted and shown great tenacity in endeavouring to find the perpetrator of this terribly cruel crime. They hired a private investigator when the police gave up. His name is Jason Jensen. Initially I was sceptical but he has persisted. Although I believe that there is a certain element of self publicity in his involvement it doesn’t matter because he is doing some good.

Read all the pages on Sage by clicking on this link.

The First Development

Jensen Investigations have sent a letter requesting access to the files at Davis County Animal Control. He did it yesterday US time. The request from the Justice for Sage people is for fellow supporters to write to Davis County Animal Control either by email or letter (not to telephone, please) providing your support for this request. If having made your request you receive a response then you are asked to kindly forward it to Mr Jensen. The email address of animal control is: .

Below is a photo shot of Mr Jensen’s letter:

The Second Development

On March 9, a lead in the investigation came in from a 2011 incident. There was a report of animal sacrifices taking place on Lynwood Drive, Clearfield, Utah. This update comes from Jason Jensen. He will report back to Justice for Sage when he has investigated the matter further. What he’s saying is that there may be a link between this archived incident seven years ago and the current case.

Animal sacrifice police mugshot
Animal sacrifice police mugshot. Photo: The Salt Lake Tribune

The incident was reported in The Salt Lake Tribune under the title: Clearfield police find human skulls, animal remains.

It’s been a year since the torture and death of Sage. What marks this case out from many others is that justice is still being sought by committed and tenacious people. Often these events fizzle out on the Internet and the police file the matter away well before a year is up. I personally wish everyone well and pray that there is a successful outcome.

2 thoughts on “Two Developments in Sage the Cat Torture Case”

  1. Having lived in the hell hole called Utah I will be blunt and tell you that the only time they have any concern over animal welfare is when their noses are rubbed in their messes. Keeping the horror of what happened to Sage in the news or on the internet where it isn’t merely swiped under the rug is the only way this will ever have any resolution.
    It surprises me not that they may be gassing animals at a kill shelter rather than use a humane method. Anyplace religion is front and center animal welfare goes in the toilet.


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